Katrina, 25 years old, Brazil - but I don't know how to dance samba, and I don't live in a jungle.

BOLLYWOOD / TV series / RANBIR KAPOOR (crazy fangirl) / rpg / DOCTOR WHO / books / MATT SMITH / music / KAREN GILLAN / nail polish / SHAHRUKH KHAN / imagination / HARRY POTTER / bollywood songs / MIKA / coke / JAKE GYLLENHAAL / The Hunger Games / DEAN O'GORMAN / Jane Austen / DEEPIKA PADUKONE (she's my princess!) / O Hobbit / ONCE UPON A TIME / The Following / COLIN O'DONOGHUE.

Just a fucking normal girl.




In case you dudes weren’t sure whether or not it’s easy for us to tell a guy no and have him respect our answer.

I hope this gets all the attention

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